Hope students of all years and majors are encouraged to attend one of two brief meetings hosted by the members of Markets & Morality in Winants Auditorium, Graves Hall. “M&M” is a friendly and intellectually intimate community, and we’ve got great plans for making silver-linings out of these COVID times! We’ll start our time with a brief, socially-distanced presentation about who M&M is, the privileges and responsibilities of membership, the application process, and our plans for 2020-21. We’ll then move outside for the bulk of our time together, enjoying snacks (provided) and each other’s company.

If you cannot make it on August 19 at 4 p.m., please attend the alternative session on August 20 at 7 p.m. or email us at marketsandmorality@hope.edu.

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By Request: Recommended Reading

By Request: Recommended Reading

Today was the first day of Acton University Online, during which I had the honor of sitting on a panel with two other economists and also the privilege of a more one-on-one in feeling (though there were over 100 in attendance!) "Engage the Speaker" session. The former...

Econ Really is for Lovers

Econ Really is for Lovers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explain how I named this website and, more importantly, why I think economics is for lovers.   The Birth of econisforlovers.com When I found my name was already taken for a web domain, Sara Aldworth, director of marketing at...

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Why Econ is for Lovers? Sarah’s work—and this website—isn’t just about her love for econ and a desire to share it, but rather that economics, as a tool of prudence, can help us to facilitate the Good of the other, that is to love well. (This slogan is also a whimsical reference to Sarah’s grad school home in Charlottesville as it echoes Virginia’s classic state tourism motto.)