On Monday, September 7, at 7 p.m., Markets & Morality will host a webinar lecture by Dr. P.J. Hill, senior fellow of the Property and Environment Research Center and professor emeritus of Wheaton College. Dr. Hill will present on the topic “Stewardship for Everyone: An Economist’s Proposal for Environmental Health,” addressing real-world environmental issues through the lenses of Christian theology and economics. His lecture will be followed by a time of Q&A.

The event is online and free for the public, including those who might otherwise find it difficult to participate in an on-campus event. To register and later receive information on how to log on, please visit this website.

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By Request: Recommended Reading

By Request: Recommended Reading

Today was the first day of Acton University Online, during which I had the honor of sitting on a panel with two other economists and also the privilege of a more one-on-one in feeling (though there were over 100 in attendance!) "Engage the Speaker" session. The former...

Econ Really is for Lovers

Econ Really is for Lovers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explain how I named this website and, more importantly, why I think economics is for lovers.   The Birth of econisforlovers.com When I found my name was already taken for a web domain, Sara Aldworth, director of marketing at...

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Why Econ is for Lovers? Sarah’s work—and this website—isn’t just about her love for econ and a desire to share it, but rather that economics, as a tool of prudence, can help us to facilitate the Good of the other, that is to love well. (This slogan is also a whimsical reference to Sarah’s grad school home in Charlottesville as it echoes Virginia’s classic state tourism motto.)